Introduction and About Me

Hello, I’m RS a student and educator of Mathematics and English currently residing in the UK.

Untitled 2.jpgBorn in Nigeria and raised in Kuwait and UK , I can definitely say that I have an unique perspective on many things. So I hope to share current and relevant issues with my own twist on them.

Image 14I also have a passion for digital art, writing and eduction so I will also be posting tutorials on how I use my Samsung S6 and iPad Pro to create images like the ones you see here from scratch. You can get a heads up by purchasing my interactive ebook Graphic Illustration App List for Android  for just £1! You can also view and keep up with my artwork on my Instagram Page

I firmly believe that you don’t have to break the bank for anything so I’ll throw in any bargains or freebies that I come across into the mix as well.

Overall, this blog is an outlet to express my many thoughts, ideas, hobbies and art . Fell free to share and comment on anything. I don’t bite. 😸


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